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Now you`ve got sorted your mould to be sure you`ve got the remainder of your equipment at hand.
• A metal or cup bowl. (Plastic can be utilized but does soak up the oils and so can taint food mixed after so keep it simply for the bath bombs)
• Spray bottle (This will make including water only a little easier)
• Gloves
• Sieve
Now we`re prepared to begin. There are lots of recipes that can be used but here is a bath bomb recipe that is basic.
• 1 cup citric acid
• 2 cups soda that is baking
• 20-30 drops acrylic according to power and taste that is personal
• Food colorant ( a pigment that is dry most readily useful)
• Water or witch hazel (in your spray bottle)
Sieve together the citric acid and baking soft drink creating a fine powder. You will be left with a grainy mixture if you don`t get this.
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Muscle Relaxing Bath Bomb Recipe
1 c. baking soft drink
½ c. citric acid
½ c. tapioca starch
1/3 c. epsom salts
2 tbsp. powdered or ground ginger
2 tbsp. shea butter, melted
12 falls lavender oil that is essential
8 falls ginger oil that is essential
8 drops ylang-ylang gas
5 drops black pepper acrylic
Spray bottle of witchhazel
Sift dry components together in a big glass dish. Combine shea butter and important oils, drizzle over dry combination and mix with fingers. Spritz with witchhazel as required to hold mixture together. Pack into molds, pushing firmly.
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